Arrow Resource Inc. is an extension of the Flesch Paper Co. which was founded in 1937 by Ted (Senior) Flesch.

Senior started out using his home garage for warehousing products, but over the years as the business grew, he would move to appropriate sized warehouse spaces. Flesch Paper eventually ended up taking over the old Weyerhauser Building on Franklin Ave. In 1981, Ted La Fleche became partner with his father, and in 1987, he became the sole owner of Flesch with his dad still working there. Business was going great when Flesch found out the building was soon to be a condo development. It was at this point where selling the business became an option.

With an economy that was to be determined after September 11th, and long term lease options looking over-priced, Flesch sold to Clark National on September 17, 2001. Senior delivered products until the sale of the company at the age of 94!